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September 29 2014


The Advantages of Virtual Disc Jockey Android Application

A Virtual Disc Jockey (also known as VDJ) is a variety of audio/video mixing software developed by Atomix Productions Inc. for use by mobile and club DJs. In the similar manner that the CD players are used by disc jockeys to have more choices than the regular Hi-Fi CD players does. The software is also entirely repackaged for Numark, called Numark CUE. The packages run on PC or Mac to allow computer disc jockeys to mix music or videos, with or without an external controller. Dj hire perth can manipulate the software with a MIDI controller or using established DJ hardware such as CDJs and DJ mixers with vinyl emulation software and CDs.
Here are some of the advantages of downloading virtual DJ android application:
• For every music buff, the virtual DJ Android is an application which conveys comprehensive solutions for music mixing on their desktop.
• With this software there is no more need for carrying all the established DJ decks and sound mixer systems to starting a party.
• Virtual DJ is a perfect tool that can be utilized by all beginners, and music enthusiasts to practice and learn how to mix live music with the aid of personal mp3 collections at home.
• The software makes use of a modular feature within a single menu interface which builds all the features and functions that are needed for initiating a music mixing session.
• To become DJ, with the assistance of this software, all that is required is to load the virtual decks with musical tracks from the library and hit on the play button for listening and mixing the music tracks.
• With the help of this software, one can also check BPM counter for creating a smooth transition between the tracks and as well as setting the accurate measurements of the beats when playing multiple tracks.
• For aspiring DJs who has just started working on becoming a professional disc jockey, one can also use the visual wave generator included in this software.
• With the use of virtual DJ android application, one can easily cue up parts of any songs or apply different sound setting on the played tracks.
• A Virtual DJ recommends a complex auto mixing solution that takes care of all your musical transitions while working with this software. In order to show off like a real pro, one can utilize the effects like over looping, flipping, making brake spins, and applying audio brakes to create the music. https://www.mobile-dj-hire.com.au/dj-adelaide

August 22 2014

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Do You Have What it takes to become a Disc Jockey

A great DJ can make an event alive and exciting with his or her lively music and fun personality. Most DJ’s have great passion for music and love sharing their music with the world. Below are guides and tips on how to make it in this industry.

Know the reason why you want to become a DJ
There are a lot of reasons why a person wants to become a disc jockey. Some wants to become a DJ because it can make them famous or to get rich. Others want to become a DJ because of their love to music and want to share it with others. It is important to remember in choosing your profession; you must love what you are doing and do what you do best. 

List of Different Types of DJ
 Club DJs can usually be found in a bar, night clubs and raves. The main job of a club DJ is to keep the dance floor alive. A professional club DJ knows how to ramp the energy up and down or balance between an active floor and busy bar.
 Mobile DJ. They are the entrepreneur type of DJ. They are the ones who are successful in making money out of all types of DJ. Mobile DJs are usually the master of ceremonies in any kind of event they attend to. They take request, speaking on a microphone and usually have his or her own music equipment. 

 Radio DJs or radio personalities. They are the kinds of DJ who broadcast at radio. Part of their job is to update listeners of weather updates, traffic, commercials and even advertisements.
If you are an aspiring DJ, you must have your own music equipment. Being able to multitask and utilize the DJ equipment is a skill that you should practice. You should learn how to beat mixing and beat matching. Mixing your own original CD is a great way not only to practice your DJ skills but is also one way to get attention. Try to visit clubs or watch disc jockey Melbourne performing live for you to learn more about DJing. 

As a DJ you are responsible for entertaining a large group of people all by yourself. The music you play is important but you also need to pay attention on how you act on stage. You must know how to read the crowd. Know the transition of music; divide different styles of songs into different sections. http://www.mobile-dj-hire.com.au/dj-adelaide

Breaking into a DJ industry can be difficult. However, if you are the kind of person who loves music and has a fun and unique personality this profession might work for you. Right attitude and a self confidence will certainly help you enormously to make it in DJ industry.

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